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1st Something Wicked Open Thread: July 9th, Trollhunter

*Sorry friends, Trollhunter is a movie. We're not gonna go hunt us some MRA trolls. I apologize for the confusion and disappointment. ;) *

Wednesday, July 9th will be the date of our open-thread.

If no one else would like to be our host for this open thread, I can host. If I host, I think the thread will open around 7pm Central Time.


Hosting duties include the following:

Creating the thread

Posting questions (any questions you thought about related to the movie)

Interacting with commenters

Trollhunter is streaming on Netflix for those of you who have it. I've already watched it. I can't wait for our 1st open-thread! :)

Update: ManofAThoudandFaces provided this link for those who do not have Netflix:…

I also have a lot of luck with Megashare and Megavideo and similar sites.

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