Don't Open That Door...

Because More Than People Might Wander The Streets

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to Scary Things! This week, we're telling stories about the...less-known denizens of cities. Beings that either hide or pass as regular folk, but who sometimes slip and make you wonder what else is out there. As usual, I'll begin!

This story is actually from my sister, as it's the most recent happening like this that I have good details on. She lives fairly close to me, in the center of a fairly large city. One night, she and her husband were walking home when they saw an old woman with long, iron-gray hair. She didn't seem particularly unusual at first, just an odd old woman standing on the kerb and staring intently at a house across the street. Then my brother-in-law leaned in close and whispered "holy shit! Look at her feet!". The woman was standing on the kerb, yes, but only the very edges of her heels were touching it. Her feet were otherwise as level as if she was standing on flat ground, and she wasn't rigid, swaying, or showing any sign of muscle strain. I dare you to pull that off - even very fit people will show some sign of trying to balance, and this woman looked about 70. Better yet? As soon as this happened, the woman looked at them and smiled, as though she could hear them. She was some distance away, and normal city noise was going on. There was no way she should have been able to hear them, and she certainly hadn't been looking in their direction before. They felt suddenly afraid, although there was no apparent threat.


They walked a bit faster and went home. They haven't seen her since.

What...unconventional citizens...have you seen or heard of?

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