Don't Open That Door...
Don't Open That Door...

We’ve decided on some themes to count down the weeks until Halloween.

Oct 4th - 10th: Classic Monsters Week

Oct 11 - 17th: Haunted House Week

Oct 12 - 24th: Hidden Horror Week (local lore, urban legends, lesser known monsters, creepy stories, etc.)


Oct 25 - 31st: Slasher Week

Anyone who would like to participate is more than welcome, whether it’s by writing or just sharing something you found elsewhere. Also, I’m looking for volunteers to take on the theme announcement posts for the following weeks, so please let me know if you’re interested in taking one on:

Hidden Horror: open

Slasher Week: behinddarkglasses

Hopefully soon we can get a call for new authors going, but in the meantime if you’d like to have something shared here, add “Something Wicked” to the tags. Existing authors can help monitor the tag here. You can also leave a link in the theme announcement post for the week.


Original post:

Hey Authors! Since it’s October and all, I had the idea that we could to try to organize a little something here on Something Wicked. Nothing too complicated - one idea I had was picking a theme for each week of October, like “Vampire Week” or “Haunted House Week” or “Creepy Stories Week” and posting or sharing some cool things to fit the theme during each week.


October starts tomorrow… but I thought if we could hash something out over the next few days we could do a post Sunday or Monday announcing the first theme and go from there.

Anybody interested or have another idea?

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