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It's Haunted House Week on Something Wicked!

We’re counting down the time until Halloween with some themed posts. This week, we’ll be talking about haunted houses and ghosts. The header image is Cotterstock Hall, one of the filming locations for the 2012 movie The Woman in Black.

Here’s a list of reportedly haunted locations by country and another by state. Have you ever been to a notable haunted location, or is there one near you? Or have you ever experienced something creepy in a house where you stayed?


I’ve never experienced anything paranormal, but in college a friend of mine rented an old farm house, and whenever it got cold these ghostly sideways cat prints would appear on his kitchen window, as if a cat had walked across the wall of the house. I’m sure it’s from a cat that walked across the glass ages ago, before it was placed in the window, but it was eerie as hell the first time I noticed it.

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