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Movies/characters in horror movies that terrified you. (TW?)

I'm going to post the characters and/or movies that terrified me and why I think they terrify me. Mine will be in no particular order, but feel free to rank yours.

1. Chucky from the Chucky movies (Child's Play)


(Ok this one might be considered my number 1 since it still has an effect on me).

Let me be clear and state that watching him will not scare me while I'm actually watching whatever movie it is that he's in. It's when I go to bed, when I think I'll be fine, and then go and drift into a deep sleep that I will usually have a nightmare about it. There's something about dolls that really frighten me and he was my introduction to just really being creeped out by weird dolls. As I said in my "introduce yourself" post, childhood scars persist people!

2. Regan from The Exorcist


Again, I'll be upfront and say that I haven't seen the movie because every time her face comes up and the movie is on or there's a clip somewhere, I cringe. Her crawl-walk down the stairs, her being in the bed fighting to get out, and her head turning? Nope! I will watch this movie one day I promise...

3. Damien from The Omen (the original)


Alright, I saw this when I was maybe 12 and it was at a sleepover and it was dark and yeah. I didn't sleep that night. I didn't realize how much the movie scared me and Damien is creepy as hell. Somehow this movie just works and is very effective. I'll also add this creepy scene:

4. Pennywise the Clown from IT


Funny how some of these characters are from movies I haven't watched yet. My cousin told me he had seen this at school and we were probably in the 3rd grade. He could have been lying but who knows. Why anyone would let children watch this in elementary school is beyond me, but this is one of those movies that I've put off watching just because of certain clips I've seen. I mean creepy killer clown? There you go.

5. Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt


Another doozy from my childhood and while I'm not afraid of him now, he does creep me out slightly still. Refer to my "introduce me" post for that little anecdote. Anyway, I thought this jpeg was kinda silly. Shock-olate. Get it? Ha ha...

6. The Orphan (the movie in general)


Alright so since I started becoming cocky around the time this movie came out, I watched it and wasn't scared, but kinda creeped out. That night I didn't sleep well at all. I guess the ending of the movie was maybe what did me in. A creepy orphan does scary shit and yeah. Never get cocky my fellow Wickeders!

7. Mr. Boogie AKA Bughuul from Sinister


Alrighty here we go... I did not expect much from this movie and expected it to be on the level of Insidious for me as far as scares (a few little jumps here and there but nothing serious). Which most of the movie doesn't include many scares for me, it's the build up and suspense and the awesome conclusion that leave me creeped out. Pleasantly surprised by this one and is definitely BeeVee approved.

8. Pinhead from Hellraiser


So we're really delving into my childhood with this post. I remember my parents watching one of these movies and seeing his face freaked me the fuck out. Today I've seen maybe 2 of the Hellraiser movies and I think they're pretty cool, but not scary. This is a big cheers to Pinhead for scaring the crap out of me as a 6 year old!

I will finish this post in a while! I have a few more I think. Feel free to share yours!

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