Don't Open That Door...
Don't Open That Door...

Official Invite Thread

Edit: If you've requested to have privileges on this post by March 9th, 7pm Eastern time, you should have privileges. If not, please post another request indicating that I missed your original one so I can add you. Thanks!

It's been a while!

If you are interested in having posting privs, please answer these 2 questions:

1) What is your favorite horror movie (if you have more than one you can list all or just one)?


2) What movie, book, short story, or any other medium is your favorite for the genre?

I feel for me it is definitely movies, but that may be because they are so accessible and many are easy to watch. I'd like to get into some short stories and books if I can. I have a few little paperbacks that I bought.


One of my favorite horror movies is Re-Animator. It is creepy, weird, goofy, and just an all-around good time.

Welcome everyone!

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