Don't Open That Door...
Don't Open That Door...

Back again with more shorts to entertain you when you should be doing something important. Prepare to have your eyes MELT IN TERROR!!!!! Not really, but if you pretended it would make me feel better. On with the show!

Clowns are the absolute worst, everyone knows that. Give them a gun and no discernible plot and see what happens.

This one is fantastic. Some people won't like the ending, but I think it does a great job of creating tension and making things creepy as hell. Highly recommended.

Goofy, but I enjoyed it.

Going outside is a bad idea. This short proves it.

This one has been around for a while, so some of you have probably seen it. For everyone else it is fast paced and fun.

This one is kind of intense and gory, so be warned. Terrible dude meets the "person" he deserves.


That's all for this installment. Enjoy until next time!

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