Don't Open That Door...
Don't Open That Door...

And I'm back with more short horror to devour your time. So let's get started!

Jackhammers and sleep do not go together, as many of you know. This one is way too long, but I remembered my own jackhammer experiences so I decided to include it. I think the lead actor did a great job of showing the strain brought on by the situation.

Short, to the point, and creepy. Not much else to say about this short.

Subtitled. Not a fan of the ending, but overall I like this short about a photographer's trip to the woods. It goes about how you would expect.

Black and white and no dialogue, but I enjoyed it for the reveal at the end.

My favorite of this bunch. Evildoers need a "sock on the door" system or something.

A favorite that I had forgotten about. Mannequins are creepy just doing normal mannequin stuff, making this one extra freaky.

This one is eerie despite the criminally cute kid that stars. Simple but effective.


Until next time!

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