Don't Open That Door...

Short Horror Film Party! Holiday Madness!

We're back, with more horrifying shorts to help spread holiday cheer.....and nightmares. Mostly nightmares. Here we go!

First some holiday wishes from the star of one of the best horror movies of the year. I highly recommend The Babadook, even though he did kill Santa.

Though to be fair to the 'Dook, Santa can be a bit of a monster himself, as seen here. I love this one.


Not Christmas themed, but set on a dark Winter night and the antagonist in this short film is very focused on children. Just not in a gift giving way.

Maybe you are spending the holidays with that special someone. What goes with the holidays better than love and violent, brutal murder? I can't think of anything.


This one makes no sense, but I just like the imagery at the end. Very haunting.


What could possibly go wrong at an office gift exchange? Everything apparently. They do a fantastic job of conveying a lot without dialogue.


This one is fun and a bit silly. Also only slightly more horrifying that actually working retail at Christmas.


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