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Some Great E3 Horror Games

Despite some high profile losses, Horror gaming is riding a high with great games of all types on the horizon, and E3 had a very diverse line-up of horror or horror adjacent games on display. Here are some of my favorites:

We Happy Few looks geniunely unnerving and distinctly weird. It owes a lot to Bioshock, but is definitely its own thing. I’ll be interested to see where they take the story and how many action elements it implements into its gameplay. Definitely one of my favorite games showcased at E3 regardless of genre.

I love Friday the 13th, so I’m really excited for this game and the potential it shows. I love that you can play as Jason or one of the very unlucky teenagers that crosses his path. After the pretty awesome Until Dawn, I’m hoping for a strong story to go with everything shown here.

I’m not 100% sure about this one, but it gives off a very strong horror vibe. It’s made by a lot of the people who made Dishonored, so that is a big plus. Plus the trailer is intriguing and I need to know what is up with his eye!

This looks like a fairly high quality zombie game in the vein of The Last of Us. The zombie encounter is pretty intense and I’m a big fan of Sam Witwer and am excited to see what he brings to this game.

One of the best reveals of Sony’s pretty stellar press conference was RE 7. There are already playthroughs of the demo previewed here that go over 3 hours! I really like the change of pace here but also later statements that it will still be a Resident Evil game with a strong action element, but not anywhere near the levels of RE 5 and 6. Given the last time Capcom took the series in a new direction we got RE 4, I’m very excited about this.


This is just my favorite stuff from E3, and leaves out a lot of smaller stuff that generate huge buzz for the horror gaming genre like Outlast 2 and Sister Location. But I think there is a little something for any kind of gamer.

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