Don't Open That Door...
Don't Open That Door...

As I wandered through this post-Kinjapocalytic hellscape, I thought I would collect trailers and shorts to waste away the time until the troll hordes consume us all. Here we go!

I love shorts, and this is a good one. Santa, you are now officially the worst.

This one looks absurd and fun. Basically young pretty people have to take care of a cat to inherit a huge estate from a dead Aunt. Cat dies, dead Aunt is 9 different kinds of pissed. Mayhem ensues.

I'm having enough trouble as it is getting a date, now you are telling me I have to compete with sexy English ghosts?

Ah slashers, so great at pushing puritanical values while distracting the viewers with exploitation of all types. We know it works in the movies, but will it work in a game? Until Dawn aims to find out.


So pretty cool stuff to look forward to, if you survive the Kinja Dome and find sustenance in the ruins of Gawker. Until next time, maybe.

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