Welcome everyone! I'm so excited to get this started. I just wanted to have a few rules/guidelines here, although there aren't many.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss and celebrate all things related to the horror genre. This includes: movies, books, stories, news, and even music if applicable. As opposed to many horror sites, this blog is more for entertainment and not necessarily for reviews, although I know I (BeeVee) will be doing reviews at times.

Here are some guidelines and rules:

  • 1. Please make all posts related to horror in some way. If not, I or another admin will take the post down. Hopefully no one will do this and it won't even be an issue.
  • 2. Please be respectful of all opinions here. This isn't about what movies or books or anything is best, it's about the celebration of the genre because we love it. You can disagree, but please, no name-calling, doxxing, or any of that stuff.
  • 3. Have fun!

Some more guidelines:

*When writing stories, please indicate in the tags if it is fiction or non-fiction so people can differentiate between the two easily when searching for things to read.

*When writing something that is a true story and you need to share particularly frightening or gruesome images, please try to use links and post a warning in the title, instead of posting images outright.

As far as posting privileges go, I will be determining that and if something happens and I can't be around for some reason for a certain period of time, I will hand over the decision-making to another admin. There aren't any rules for posting privileges except that if I find your commenting history to be obnoxious and troll-y, I will probably not grant you posting access to the blog. It should be pretty easy to have posting privs on this blog: just love horror and promise to write something!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at beevee19902013@gmail.com



P.S. If anyone has any other rules to suggest, please state them in this post. I'm not a big stickler for rules, just ask basic respect and common sense which I feel we all have.