Don't Open That Door...
Don't Open That Door...

It’s finally October and that means it’s HORROR TIME!!! Please note: there were a lot of movies for which I could only find a Red Band Trailer, and they range from slightly NSFW to completely NSFW (Scout’s Guide), so proceed with caution.

US Wide Releases:

The House of Covered Mirrors - Oct 1 (Limited) (Red Band Trailer)

Alt title: North Woods. When a young man emerges from the woods covered in blood, the detective and psychiatrist assigned to his case believe he may be related to a series of disappearances over the last few years. The trailer looks highly reminiscent of 70s cult films such as Dario Argento’s.


Last Shift - Oct 6 (Red Band Trailer)

A rookie cop is assigned an overnight shift alone in a closing police station - but as strange things begin to happen, she realizes that she may not actually be alone.


Gravy - Oct 6 (Limited)

A group of costumed intruders invade a cantina and force the staff to take part in their bloody games. Directe by and starring James Roday (Psych) and featuring a ton of familiar faces including Jimmi Simpson (It’s Always Sunny, House of Cards), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious, American Horror Story) and Sarah Silverman.


Final Girls - Oct 9 (Limited)

Friday the 13th meets The Last Action Hero. A group of teenagers are pulled into the world of their favorite 80’s slasher movie - but will their knowledge of the movie be enough to keep them alive?


The Exorcism of Molly Hartley - Oct 9 (Limited)

A direct sequel to 2008’s The Haunting of Molly Hartley, this movie follows the young priest assigned to a mental hospital to deal with the demons plaguing a troubled young woman.


Goosebumps - Oct 16

Teenage Zach discovers that he has just moved in next door to R.L. Stine. He also discovers that all the monsters from the popular Goosebumps series are real - after unleashing them from the locked books in Stein’s personal collection.


Crimson Peak - Oct 16

A young woman falls in love with a mysterious stranger and follows him to his isolated mountain house, where she soon becomes plagued by strange visions and events. From Guillermo del Toro and starring Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam


Wind Walkers - Oct 16

A group of hunters in the Florida Everglades find themselves hunted by an ancient evil.


The Diabolical - Oct 16 (Limited)

When a single mother and her two young children are tormented by an increasingly strange and intense presence in their quiet suburban home, she turns to her scientist boyfriend to take on the violent forces that paranormal experts are too frightened to face. (Rotten Tomatoes)


Bastard - Oct 16 (Limited)

Five strangers - newlywed serial killers, a suicidal cop, and two runaways - become suspect and victim when a masked murderer makes its presence known in an isolated mountain town. (Rotten Tomatoes)


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - Oct 23

The next installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise follows a new family who become entangled with the events of the previous movies through their found VHS tapes.


Clinger - Oct 23 (Limited)

When her possessive high school boyfriend dies in a gruesome accident, Fern Petersen’s life is thrown into turmoil. Things go from bad to worse when he returns as a love-sick ghost to kill her so they can be together for eternity. (Rotten Tomatoes)


Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse - Oct 30 (Red Band Trailer)

A group of high school scouts must band together when their last camping trip is interrupted by hordes of the undead.


New to Netflix

The new TV season has brought a ton of last season’s shows to Netflix, including:

October 2

The Vampire Diaries: Season 6

October 6

American Horror Story: Freak Show

iZombie: Season 1

The Originals: Season 2

October 7

Supernatural: Season 10

October 23

Hemlock Grove: Season 3

I ran out of time to to do a listing of all the new horror movies on Netflix, but I’m particularly excited for the release of the Documentary The Nightmare on Oct 1.

The full list of new releases can be found here:

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