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What's Your Favorite Werewolf Movie?

Ahhh, werewolves… despite some iconic movies and a literary history dating back to The Satyricon in AD 64, The Werewolf always seems to be an afterthought to The Vampire, like he’s the less popular, less attractive younger brother (and he’s almost always a he). In fact, it was hard to find a list for this article that wasn’t half Vampire or other Fantasy movies in which werewolves played a small or supporting role.

The main difference between werewolves and most movie monsters is that they are alive. Where vampires, zombies, and others feed into the fear of the unknown out there trying to get you, werewolves are about the fear of allowing that dark, angry part of you to finally get out. And the great thing about werewolf movies is: it always finally gets out, often in visceral and explosive transformation scenes: ranked 29 of their favorite werewolf movies, and I’ve only seen about 11 of them, but their #1 is also my #1. Also, Late Phases deserves a higher spot. Did your favorite make the list? Or do you know of something great that isn’t listed here?


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